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In the film "Pane, Amore e..." (“Bread, Love and…”) by Dino Risi, with Vittorio de Sica and Sophia Loren, while the latter is intent on selling fish, the words "Ostricaro Fisico" stand out behind him. Who was the Ostricaro Fisico (“Physical Oyster Seller”)? We have a fascinating story for you ...

King Ferdinando I di Borbone loved to dress up as a commoner and go undercover in Naples to capture the moods of the people, but also to have fun excluding the court etiquette. He fluently spoke the Neapolitan dialect which, in truth, was considered the official language of the Kingdom, he frequented the taverns and houses of beautiful and helpful ladies. During these tours, he walked from the Royal Palace towards the district of Santa Lucia. Along the way, fishermen displayed their wares: freshly caught fish in their nets, oysters and other seafood.

"Pane, Amore e..." (“Bread, Love and…”) by Dino Risi

One day the King stopped more than usual in front of one of these oysters’ stand and tasted them in large numbers. At the end of his improvised banquet, the King complimented the oyster and said: "You have delicious seafood, I am consoled! I'd like to give you a nice gift, what would you prefer? " The shrewd seller, who in the meantime had recognized the King, now feeling in confidence with the Sovereign, replied: "Majesty, I recognized you and I thank you for the gift you wish to give me, but I don't know whether to reveal my desire." The King encouraged him: "Don't be afraid, make your wish!" The fisherman caught the invitation immediately and said to the King: "Majesty, in truth I would like a noble title, it's something I've wanted since I was born!" The King smiled and said to him: "Now you have exaggerated a little, how can I give you a noble title on the spot?". After pausing to think, the Sovereign said: "Wait, wait, I have an idea: get on your knees." The man was not told twice and knelt in front of the King who, unsheathed his sword, placed it on his shoulder saying in a solemn tone: "In the name of his Majesty I name you Ostricaro Fisico!".
The King took his cue from the title that often in Naples some doctors used to give themselves, or the "Physical Doctor" with which they wanted to indicate how much their medical art was accompanied by scientific research.
Our story ends here, but the natural sequel was the title that the oyster sellers, who considered themselves better than the competitors, gave themselves. They were recognizable by the kiosk painted green, yellow or black, on which stood the sign "Ostricaro Fisico” or “ European Ostricaro ”. In the wake of this tradition it is our intention to offer you the best selection of oysters and seafood accompanied by excellent wines and high quality champagne.


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