Why Sophia

Diva and Muse of our project

In my life I have had many passions, one of them is undoubtedly food. No director has ever managed to put me on a diet and I have never given up a good plate of pasta in favor of the line.

The hours I spent in the kitchen kneading, frying, baking and browning were among the happiest of my life. When they asked me to open a chain of restaurants in my honor, I thought a lot about the burdens and responsibilities that it would have entailed to associate my name with a sign.

I never wanted to take part in "stories" that I don't feel mine: this was true for the films I have interpreted in my sixty-year career as well as for any project in which I am a participant, but no one has courted me as much as Luciano Cimmino and today I am happy to have consented to this wonderful adventure and proud to be part of a team of talented Neapolitans who wish to export the "veracity" of Neapolitan cuisine to the world. For me and Luciano, eating is a sacred thing and to share it with those who think like us we have built a "temple" of conviviality, a unique and evocative place, where the best chefs in the world try their hand at first courses and pizzas. "che so’ na squisitezz’".


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